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Ewe Troupe Complete!

Ok that’s 2 bindings done this week, as planned! I am definitely patting myself on the back here. Binding is not my favorite thing to do. My Ewe Troupe is now finished as well.

For this binding, the pattern said to use 11.5” x 2.5” strips of all the colors to make it scrappy looking. I didn’t feel like doing math so I just cut 2 of each color and did twice as much work sewing the binding together and ironing those diagonal seams open! But it’s all good, now that it’s done! And I went back to just a straight stitch instead of trying to be fancy with the decorative stitches like the last one.

Next up this week… I need to prep some fabric for a bargello class I’m taking on Saturday. I have a couple more WIP laying around…nicely organized and labeled thanks to the missing binding incident. And tomorrow I’ll be meeting with a new customer about a t-shirt quilt, and I have TWO guild meetings to attend!

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