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a blue and white quilt quilted with a floral and arc quilting design

Get Your Top Ready

a small white cartoon chicken sitting in a brown nest.

What do I need to do to get my quilt top ready for you?  

Please press your top and backing, as well as trim any loose threads.  

What size should my backing be?

The backing fabric needs to be 5-6" wider and longer than your quilt top; if you have to piece your backing, horizontal seams are best.  

Do you offer quilt backings?

I do have a limited selection of quilt backings on hand.  If you need one, please send me a picture of your quilt top so I can see if I have something on hand that will work.  Prices depend on fabric, usually in the $40 range for a queen-size quilt.  

What is the largest size quilt that someone can send you?  

My machine is on a 12' Continuum from The Grace Company, it can accommodate a king-size quilt, up to ~130".

What is your typical wait time for you to quilt my quilt?  

My typical wait time is 2-3 weeks, but this depends on the time of year. 

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