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Mimi's Nest
Quilting Studio

Long-arm quilting services by Michelle Russell

Serving Minooka, IL and surrounding areas

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Ready to Book a Quilt?

Hello!  I'm Michelle!

When I first learned to quilt, I fell in love with the entire process...except the actual quilting part. I found it very frustrating to try to wrangle a large quilt on my domestic machine. That's what led me to becoming a longarm owner. Now, I actually look forward to that process and am ready and willing to put the finishing touches on your beautiful quilt tops to save you that frustration.

The services I provide are exclusively digital edge-to-edge designs. This means that the quilting will be uniform across the quilt top and not area-specific. 

Photo of Michelle Russell standing in front of her longarm and a quilt on a design wall
"I can't begin to express the flood of emotions that come over me as I held my quilt, I was moved to tears!  It is beautiful beyond my expectations!  Thank you for all of your work that created such beautiful herilooms for us to treasure!"

Pam S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is longarm quilting?

A quilt is like a sandwich. The top slice of bread is called the quilt top, it is like a patchwork of fabrics sewn together to look pretty. The middle of the sandwich is a layer of fluffy stuff called batting. The bottom slice of bread of the sandwich is the backing material, it's usually not as exciting as the quilt top, but just as necessary. Quilting is the process of sewing these sandwich layers together. A longarm machine is basically a regular old sewing machine, but with a larger reach between the body of the machine and the needle. Because quilts can be very large, it's difficult to quilt them on a regular sewing machine, so many quilters hire someone else to do the actual quilting of their quilt tops with their industrial machines. That person would be their longarn quilter...and that would be me!

How much does it cost?

Click on the Rates page to see specifics. The cost depends on the size of the quilt top and the type of batting and any other additional services requested.

Can I pick my own pattern for the quilting?

Take a look at the available pantographs I have by clicking on "All Quilting Designs" above.

For additional options, search any of the websites below. If you find a pantograph I don't own, I'm happy to split the cost with you to buy it for your project. Search the terms pantograph or edge-to-edge (E2E) to find the right type of design.

Urban Elementz

Intelligent Quilting

Longarm League

Not sure where to start?

I would love to help! When you book your quilt with me, you can have me pick the design and/or make the thread choice. 

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