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2021 BOM Complete!

Hooray, it’s done!

Two years in the making, and my kids can finally stop bugging me about how I’m the only one in the house without a homemade quilt on my bed!

With the binding strips already cut, it didn’t take long to put this all together. I got a little fancy and decided to use a decorative stitch around the front instead of my standard straight (ish) stitch. Not sure I like how it came out. What do you think??

Had to wait until this morning to take pictures of it on my bed. Clayton helped model, isn’t he a ham!?

With the binding strips I also found a pretty big stack of scrap fabrics. So I made one of my favorite chicken mug rugs on the embroidery machine. I’m planning to give one to new customers with my business card when I return their quilts.

Oh and also, when I found the binding, the bag they were in had more info on the kit pattern. So if anyone else was curious, it was called A New Aged Muslin BOM by Nancy Rink Designs. Marcus Fabric’s aged muslins. That’s why the fabric felt funny, it’s definitely not your normal quilting cotton. Anyway…SEW fun and now it’s done!

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