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Another New Favorite

I have another new favorite quilt! My talented friend Melanie made this one. In January, when I went to a quilt retreat without my partner in crime (Tricia), I had the pleasure of sitting next to Melanie. She is fun and full of inspiration! I’m going to find her Etsy shop and put the link in comments…you’ve got to check her out!

The quilt is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. Melanie let me choose the pattern and thread color! I’m at my core a practical person, and I have a list of 56 patterns that I have purchased and need photos of samples for my website. After several hours of debating with myself, polling some friends, and some practice stitch-outs of various patterns…I went with Maureen’s Maple leaves (which was not one of the 56 ) to go with the tiny brown on brown leaves in the border/pinwheel fabric. At first, she wanted to be surprised, but as I was working on this, I sent her a teasing text and broke her resolve. So she has seen these pics now, and will be taking this beauty home later today. Thanks for allowing me to twist your arm, Melanie, and thanks for trusting me with your treasure. Hope you love it and that it keeps your nephew warm and makes him feel loved for a very long time!

Melanie’s Brown Quilt 88” x 100” Quilter’s Dream bamboo midloft batting Signature thread - spiced tea (19 bobbins!) quilting pantograph - Maureen’s Maple Leaves @ Urban Elementz

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