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Tumbler Quilt for Corben

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Last Christmas project that I finished this year was for my daughter’s boyfriend, Corben. I like to call him my future-son-in-law, but no pressure or rush! Corben and Nora are proud cat parents to our family cat Whopper who went to live with Nora when she moved into her first apartment. So this “cats & computers” fabric was perfect for him since he works with computers for a living.

After my success and instant infatuation with the AccuQuilt after making Gina’s quilt, I immediately had to acquire another die and use it again. So this is made with the 3.5” tumbler blocks. Super easy to put together, Liam and I worked feverishly to do it all in one day! (Nothing like a little procrastination to get your blood pumping on December 23rd!) I also may have stayed up until 3am getting it quilted on the long arm, and then stayed up another 4 hours wrapping gifts…making that my first all-nighter since my college days…but it was well worth it, this quilt came out SO CUTE! And Corben loved it which is all that really matters.

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