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Getting close to done!

Please help me answer this question… If I were some 2.5” strips of binding material that were cut 9 months ago when this quilt top was first finished, where would I be hiding?

Hopefully one of you smart and less-forgetful followers will say something to jog my memory. In the meantime…this beauty is ALMOST done. It was my first BOM project back in 2021. I ordered it from Missouri Star Quilt Company back when I was ordering something from them All.The.Time (because newbie quilters think they have to have everything!) It was a perfect first big project. The unassuming packages came in the mail monthly and $30 at a time didn’t seem too bad (hey, I’m no mathematician! ) The blocks were pretty traditional - squares, rectangles, and half-square triangles. The sense of accomplishment was very rewarding. I didn’t fall too far behind on this one (unlike the ewes!) so the 12 squares were done pretty close to the 1 year mark. But then the finishing kit was HUGE…that awesome border was a lot of work, and a bit intimidating. But I tackled it about 6 months later during our little retreat in Shipshewana. So that’s when the quilt top was completed (June 2022) and I swear that I cut those burgundy binding strips! And I put them in a plastic bag. I’ve seen them over the past 9 months from time to time…so they’ve got to be here somewhere!

Anyway, I didn’t know how I wanted to quilt it. This is going to go on my bed. It’s not quite king size, but it’s going to look amazing anyway. The pantograph pattern is called Sanctuary Wedding Ring by Karlee Porter on Intelligent Quilting. I had to offset the rows and learn new things on my QCT software, and I always find that kinda fun. The polka dot backing was one of my backpack of the month treasures from Keepsake Quilting and it just makes me happy. Medium gray Magna-Glide in the bobbin and pearl Signature thread on top. Hopefully it won’t take another 6 months to find the binding strips and get it finished and on my bed!

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