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Maggie's 3-yard Quilt

This one was on my to-do list for a while. Maggie started this 3-yard quilt last year. It’s been in a pile waiting for its turn on the longarm for a hot minute. I love that my kids like to sew, but it seems to come in waves for them. Now Maggie has 2 projects that need binding!

Anyway, she chose these fabrics and when looking through my website files, chose this pattern for quilting. And because we are all about the variegated threads…I knew she’d love the tie dye one. It really pops on both the solid green and the black and white.

I’ll be busy again this week, but the next quilt won’t have any sneak peek, as my customer has requested a SURPRISE! This is so fun for me…love it when they let me choose.

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