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My Kids Quilt, Too!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

It’s been a little slow in the quilting studio this week. But my little chickens have been busy! I took them to the quilt shop Monday afternoon for a big sale at The Fabric Center, while there, Maggie & Amy both picked out a little project to work on and insisted we start as soon as we got home. I love sewing with my girls…but I end up helping them a lot so don’t get to sew much of my own stuff. Anyway…

Maggie chose a Halloween/fall panel that she fell in love with and asked if she could make it a wall hanging for her room. So we picked out a border and a backing fabric and she threw it together before bedtime! It didn’t get quilted until today though (my delay not Maggie’s ) So now she just needs to trim it and put on the binding.

Amy saw some little stuffed gnomes on display, they were for St. Patrick’s Day (and not on sale! ) so we looked for the panel they were from & that led us to a different panel with gnome stuffies and it was for Valentine’s Day (also not included in the sale! ) But that’s the one Amy fell in love with, so we got that panel and a coordinating fabric for the back of the stuffed gnomes. She took a little longer than Maggie, but was very determined to get all of her stuffies made do she could sleep with them Monday night! And she did.

As for me, I finally finished the last 9 blocks for my current work in progress. I was playing with the block arrangement trying to do something cool with the colors…but I’m not sure I like it. And the last 9 blocks will have to be worked in somehow, too. That will be my first project to figure out when I go to my quilting retreat this weekend.

So that’s all for now, but hopefully I’ll have lots to share after this weekend!

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