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One More for 2022!

Zut alors! Thees one almost got away…

I knew I forgot something! I had one more quilt on the long arm in December, and this one has a sweet story, too!

My friend Tricia is one of my greatest cheerleaders, and gave my name to another friend who had a quilt top needing to be quilted. It was actually put together by her 17-year-old son! He taught himself via YouTube videos and did an amazing job! Mom (an experienced seamstress without any quilting experience) came to me worried about his un-pressed seams and 7 yards of a fabric to use for the backing. It was more than enough for a border and the backing. Her son had even stabilized the t-shirts and used a rotary cutter and everything was straight! I was super impressed, my first quilt wasn’t that good! It reminded me of 17-year-old Liam making his first quilt for an AP Lit assignment!

Anyway, this was a quickie. I did end up doing the binding for them, as well, with the excess fabric from the backing. My favorite part is hearing the after story though…her son loved it so much, he couldn’t wait for Christmas to gift it to his friend he had made the quilt for. AND…he ended up buying himself a sewing machine for his new hobby!

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