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How Many Baby Quilts Need To Be Quilted?!?!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Took a couple days off for no apparent reason other than some compelling binge watching in progress. Back to work now though, I hope to finish the baby quilts for my guild's donation this weekend.

I decided to try to streamline things since they are all 30"x30" quilts, so I loaded a wideback on the longarm (that's 108" x 108") and put three of the quilts side by side and used the same pantograph over all 3 at once. Then when they were finished, I advanced the backing and laid 3 more on the same backing and used a different pantograph for the next 3.

I'll have to decide what to do with the last one, I would like to conserve as much of this backing as possible because it's GORGEOUS! Blues and purples are my jam! First theee have Teddy Bear Parade as the quilting pantograph, the next three have Cottontails. I'm debating between some puppy dogs or rubber ducks for the last one. I went a little crazy on Intelligent Quilting last night...but I'm prepared for any baby quilts you send me!

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