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Another Masterpiece from my friend Kate

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The first 2 quilts that I quilted for my friend Kate were so amazing, I never thought I'd see anything so beautiful again...boy was I wrong! This gorgeous quilt is entirely hand-sewn. Yes - needle and thread. (I know, right?!?) That in itself is one thing...but it's an English Paper Piecing pattern, and every stinking piece of fabric was fussy cut just so! The rainbows and dots are perfectly centered in each piece, the animals, the colors, even the stripes line up. She says this was 18 months in the making, it was a Block of the Month kit. Personally, I'm just not that ambitious. And sewing by hand is a little intimidating for me...I like my sewing machines!

I am so honored that Kate trusted me to quilt this one. She requested a pattern of my choice that perhaps was a little more dense because she was concerned about her hand-stitched seams holding up. (She had nothing to worry about, if she hadn't told me it was hand done, I would have thought it was machine was THAT good!) I used the Bloom pantograph from Intelligent Quilting. Thread on top is a variegated blue/teal and on the bottom is solid Jade by Signature threads.

Cameo appearance in these pictures is Charlie the cat, he belongs to Gina so he is spending the semester at home with us while she is student teaching. Charlie approves of this quilt.

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