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Another new customer from guild!

New customer quilt(s) delivered today! I recently joined the Minooka quilt guild, they meet during the daytime (yay!) I'm making friends and soaking up all the local inspiration and motivation that I can. Love participating in show-and-tell, just seeing what everyone else is working on is very inspiring! The lovely ladies invited me to join them for lunch after last month's meeting and I ended up passing out lots of business cards. Got a message from the guild president while I was out of town saying she was having trouble getting ahold of me. Luckily, it was just a typo in the guild member phone number list. Once I got back to town, she dropped off these awesome golf bag quilts. Someone had shared one like it at the previous month's meeting, and my customer loved it so much she whipped up 2 just like it, using awesome Kaffe fabrics. That designer is known for bold colors with large prints...just perfect for this quilt pattern! These will be door prizes for a golf league luncheon. Oh, to be that lucky door prize winner!!

I showed it to my dad, the big golfer of the family, and he simply replied that he had never seen a colorful golf bag like that, but Mom would probably love it!

Pantograph is Tee’d Off from Intelligent Quilting.

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