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Bag Class @ Quilter's Quest

Finished the binding on my heart quilt so I was able to take it back to Quilter’s Quest and show it off when I went to another class on Saturday.

This class was to make a little bag. I made a couple of lunch boxes for the kids last year, so the process wasn’t exactly new to me, but I wanted to get a real lesson on sewing zippers. Turns out I do own a zipper foot! I’m not sure I would call that easy or even fun…but for a first attempt, it’s alright. I’ll probably try another bag pattern soon.

New tip learned at this class was to line up the little squares of fabric on fusible stabilizer and iron them on that before sewing! Genius! Everything was perfectly lined up and it added stability. I used the Bosal foam which was kinda cool, but made the seams super thick. I’ll have to try to cut it short of the seam allowance next time, and see if that helps. All in all though, I loved this little project!

Found a box with a whole lot of 2.5" squares in Valentine's Day fabrics that I had wanted to make something with 2 years ago and never did! That was very convenient, so for my Valentine's Day project, I made 2 more bags! Gave one to Gina and one will go to Jack's girlfriend who has a birthday coming up. I used regular batting instead of the Bosal foam in these and it was considerably easier to sew over the seams, but they are a little less sturdy than the other one.

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Stephanie Cooper
Stephanie Cooper

I knew you could sew in a zipper!!!

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