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Happy National Quilting Day!!!

It’s National Quilting Day! (What? You didn’t know that was a thing???)

The Covid cooties have descended on Mimi’s Nest, my youngest son and I both tested positive after school on Thursday. What I had hoped was just a cold, ended up getting worse. I was sluggish for a few days and congested, but I’m feeling much better today. Clayton had a bad cough, but honestly the worst of it for him was before we even tested. He seems back to normal now and I think should be able to return to school on Monday. The girls and Jack all tested negative, and Jack went to stay at Nora’s apartment (with Gina who was already there cat-sitting) to keep it that way. The kids are just stuck quarantining with Mom, because Dad is afraid of the cooties.

Anyway, I didn’t want to work on any customer quilts while sick, I started a selfish sew. I was actually dreaming about this quilt block early one morning, and ended up making 18 of them to go around this panel that jumped into my arms when I visited the new Quilter’s Quest location last week. (What? You didn’t know fabric could jump!?!?) Covid had me sleeping through St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, but I was reminded by my buddy Glenna that it’ll come around again next year, so I’m going to try to finish it up anyway! I was inspired by Melanie’s quilt and dug through my scraps for anything green and white/beige/gray/light colored. So here are some pictures of the work in progress. More to come soon, I hope!

Mimi O’Russell

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