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New Favorite Quilt (Again!)

I was hired by a new customer/friend to quilt not one but TWO quilts this week. I met up with her at the Fabric Center on Thursday to pick up the quilts. It was perfect timing with the kids going to their dad’s for the weekend, so turn around time was just 3 days! Perks of being among my first customers!

Connie Jo was at the retreat with us at Seamless Getaways a few weeks back. I got to see this quilt come together almost start to finish. It’s a great quilt story…so listen up! Connie turned 70 and her quilty friends all conspired behind her back to plan and make blocks for this amazing quilt that she was able to put together during our weekend retreat! It started with the friends knowing that her very favorite fabric was the newsprint design. So they all got some of that and then went home and busted their stash to make the scrappy blocks. Connie tells me this is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. It’s very striking! I don’t think my pictures really do it justice. For the record, all my quilty friends, you have 21 years to start working on my 70th birthday quilt…I want one just like this! But 50 is a pretty big deal, too, and that’s just 10 months away. Just a thought.

Anyway…Connie chose the Baptist Fan with Flowers pattern for her quilting (My Creative Stitches) and I talked her into this awesome variegated thread. (Fad 5 by Signature)

Her second quilt she called a “leftover” quilt. The small plaid triangles were from old plaid shirts. The border fabric was a leftover from her neighbor. For leftovers, it looked pretty great to me! I’m personally drawn to more of the bright colors like Connie’s birthday quilt, but I love having the opportunity to step outside my box and work on something more traditional like this! Connie chose the Radiate (with Pebbles) pantograph from My Creative Stitches. We used sand (or sand dollar?) color thread which was nice and subtle with the background. The texture is very nice though and we were both thrilled with how it came out!

I already know she loves them because I was able to deliver them both to her this morning. We met up at the Countryside Village shop in Braidwood where I was able to leave some of my brand spanking new BUSINESS CARDS! Oh yeah, I feel so official now. Thumbs up for a quilt shop being open on a Sunday, too! That’s a fun shop, and it’s much more than just quilting stuff. Perfect idea for a Sunday drive destination!

That’s all for now. For the record, the binding strips are still MIA. They are not in the drawer in my office like my dream told me they would be, nor are they mixed up in any of the project boxes which I went through and organized today. Next, I think I’ll have to dig through a few baskets and drawers, and a couple of bags of scrap fabrics to see if they slid in there somehow. Wish me luck!


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