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New Largest Quilt Alert!

Another quilt delivery for another happy customer! I met Laura at the quilt show my guild put on last November. She remembered talking to me (and we had exchanged numbers) so when she finished piecing this GIANT quilt, she called me up to help her finish it up. This beauty now holds the record for my largest quilt done on my longarm to date. (Please don't take that as a challenge to try to top this size! LOL) I couldn’t even hang it to take pictures, had to spread it out on my king size bed!

Laura chose a pattern from Urban Elementz called Deer in the Woods. We split the cost since I didn’t have it in my collection, but now I do! So if you have a quilt that will look good with some deer, bears, moose, and trees…give me a call! The top thread was black and we used a dark drown on the back. The backing, because it was so large, had a 108” wide with a couple of borders, including a pieced one to match the front. And zoom in so you can see the adorable raccoon border. Laura had great stories about a pet raccoon she had once. It was a joy to make a new friend and to see the smile on her face when she saw her quilted masterpiece.

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