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Stuck at shucks, guess I'll have to quilt all weekend!

Here it is!! My belated St. Patrick’s Day quilt top. Need to find the perfect backing now.

Let me just tell you though, looking at this makes me really happy. Anytime I finish a quilt, I am proud, but this one is even more special. In using up my scraps, it has another whole layer of memories tied to it. I can look at each scrappy block and say - oh look, I used that farm fabric when Liam and I were making that strip search quilt before my first hip surgery! And then I can say - oh look it’s Canadian fabric leftover from the surgical caps that I made my handsome kidney surgeon! And oh hey, that’s from the cat quilt that I made for Nora! And hey...I made several turtle thread catchers with that green polka-dot fabric! Etc, etc, etc.

This was really fun (being sick with Covid was not, but thankfully it was a mild case!) I played with embroidery, AccuQuilt, HotFix Adhesive stuff, also used the technique of putting the squares together on stabilizer that I learned at that bag class recently. There are a couple of mistakes that I won’t point out like the one shamrock that the embroidery wasn’t lined up on that I meant to hide at the bottom of the quilt but then ended up front and center. Ok ok now you can zoom in and look for it. I’m calling that my Amish humility square. Whatever. I still love it!

Next up…back to work. Customer t-shirt quilt in process with some fun jerseys that will be a bit of a challenge for me. And next weekend is class #2 for the Bargello quilt. I Have some homework to do before next Saturday!

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